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Book Excerpt

Brooks slumped on the cobblestones. The back of his skull decorated the wall with brains and blood. His gun sat limp in his hand.

Kane stood over him, but he was looking at Rowan, eyes sharp and bright. “Let me guess, CIA? If it was just you I’d have thought M-16, but he made it painfully clear how American he was.”

Rowan almost bristled at the insinuation. He was American too, but they stationed him in Eastern Europe because he blended in with the people, even with his shock of auburn hair. Shifters didn’t look any different from normal humans, besides the small things, like slightly sharper canines.

Kane’s gun hung at his side, like an afterthought, but Rowan didn’t push his luck. Wolf reflexes were superior to human reflexes. Everything about Kane was superior to a human.

“You’re smarter than your partner, but I’d expect that from a wolf,” Kane said and smirked. “An alpha.”

“And you’re an omega,” Rowan said carefully.

Kane sneered. “Obviously. I’m too small to be anything else. Isn’t it funny how we stick to meaningless ranks even when we don’t have a pack to enforce them?”

Rowan shrugged. He wasn’t going to get into a discussion about wolf politics with the most elusive assassin in Europe, maybe the world. Anything he said might piss Kane off enough to shoot him. If only he could get the gun away, he’d be able to overpower Kane with brute strength.

Alpha beat omega every time. Except this omega wasn’t normal.

“You want to kill me, don’t you?” Kane asked and sighed.

Rowan pointed his gun at the assassin and nodded. “You know I have to. You killed my partner.”

Kane rolled his eyes. “You didn’t care about him. An idiot who charges in like that was going to get killed sooner or later. I hope you’re better than that.”

This was some kind of game. A man as dangerous and as intelligent as Elijah Kane was a master of lies and intrigue. Best to keep him talking while Rowan could. “I am an alpha.”

“Than catch me,” Kane said and dodged around the corner.

“Fuck!” Rowan grumbled and ran after him.

The town was a maze of side streets and rivers, all surrounded by lush farmland and forest. The closest Old One territory started over a hundred miles off, and he doubted that’s where Kane would head. A lone omega would fare as well in strange Old One territory as he would in human territory. Not well at all. Even if a fellow wolf pack lived there, it didn’t mean they were friendly. They’d just as soon slaughter a strange shifter as a hunter.

Rowan kept Kane’s trail for a good twenty minutes. He slid through alleys and over one of the many bridges in the city, dogging Kane’s steps. Then the damn assassin slipped into a crowd, and Rowan lost Kane’s scent. Too many other smells filled the air, and that intriguing musk dissipated.

Shit. He shouldn’t find the scent of an assassin omega intriguing in the least, Rowan told himself as he went back to Brooks’ body.

Well, he found Elijah Kane but lost his impulsive partner.

He’d have to report this – and Colonel Greer would not be happy with the results.

Even worse, a strange sensation tugged at him. The alpha stirred, scratched at the confines of its cage. Rowan’s chest tightened, like something wound itself around it.

Through it.

He pushed the feeling – all feelings – aside and got to work.

About The Book

Lost wolves 1Title: Omega in the Shadows (Lost Wolves Book One)

Author: Zoe Perdita

Genre: Gay Romance / Shifter Romance / Paranormal Romance

Rowan Gregor is a CIA agent who vows never to get close to another wolf after his pack is brutally murdered by hunters. Enter Elijah Kane, an efficient and shadowy omega assassin on the run from the CIA. When Rowan is tasked with hunting down Kane, he ends up at the mercy of a wolf with nothing left to lose – a wolf who is sure Rowan is his mate – even when Rowan is sure he’s not gay.

Elijah Kane is hell bent on proving he’s stronger and smarter than every alpha he meets – including the alpha CIA agent sent to kill him. But Rowan lights a fire of lust that Elijah can’t ignore. They share a rare connection – a mate connection – and he’s not going to give up on Rowan until the man sees it too.

Trapped in a snowy wilderness and besieged by hunters, desire sizzles between Elijah and Rowan. Can they overcome their differences, and their pasts, and forge a bond to save their future?

Contains graphic gay sex scenes.

Author Bio

P1010504Zoe Perdita writes gay shifter romance because the only thing better than one hot shifter dude is two hot shifter dudes making out. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with a fluffy orange cat and a lively roommate. When she’s not writing, Zoe likes to travel, read and play video games.




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