Author Interview with DP Denman


I’m interviewing DP Denman today, author of M/M contemporary romance “Naked Truth”. Welcome to my blog, DP! It’s great to meet you.

Author Interview

Are you a plotter or a pantser? 

I’m a plantser. I used to be a 100% panster but I got tired of the dead ends and rewrites when things wandered off track. Now I plot the five major points of the story and pants my way from one point to the next. It still gives the story freedom to wander but on a leash. Instead of asking “where does the story go from here?” it becomes “how do the characters get from point A to point B?” It’s a little more structured and allows me to write faster without completely restricting the free flowing creativity.

Where did you get the inspiration for Naked Truth?

The whole Saving Liam Series is about 20 years in the making. It’s inspired by an invisible epidemic and this was my chance to bring some of it to light. As you probably know, I’m an LGBTQIA rights activist and my passion is kids. Working toward equality gives them a better future. Liam represents a population of teens who have no future. There are more than 100,000 of them in the US alone and most won’t survive.

They live on the street, hiding in shadows and emerging only to beg for change. Some ran away from home to escape abuse. Almost half were thrown out because they are LGBTQIA, something they can’t control and can’t change, but their parents don’t want them anymore because they’re different.

The series tells the story of one of those kids and shows what happens when you force a teenager to fend for themselves with no means of support, no resources, no family.

I read this is the third book in a series. Can you tell us about the rest of the series? 

I’d love to! The series is about a boy named Liam who lives a nightmare spawned by a nightmare. At fifteen, he was living on the street in Vancouver, BC because his parents didn’t want him anymore. He’s gay and they wouldn’t tolerate a gay kid in their house. When a kind stranger offered him a place to sleep for a few nights, he thought he’d caught a break. It didn’t take more than a few hours to realize he was wrong.

The man is the producer of a small gay porn company and Liam becomes his newest star. By the time the story begins, he’s been in porn for over two years and is struggling with the realization that turning eighteen wasn’t the liberating event he’d thought it would be. Too little has changed. He’s no longer on the street but if he flees the protracted torment of porn, he will be. He doesn’t earn anything as a porn star but food and a warm bed. His side job only pays minimum wage and that’s not enough for a place of his own. He’s trapped there until the man he’s come to think of as his boyfriend decides to let him stop performing.

He needs someone to save him, someone interested in doing more than exploiting him.

The series is the story of the man who finally rescues him and the things Liam has to go through to put his life back together after years of rejection, conditional affection, and abuse.

What is your daily page or word count record?

 You know, I’ve never kept track. I’m a pretty fast writer so I don’t really worry about word counts or daily page goals. I aim for bare minimum of a chapter a day and that can be anywhere from 1,400 words to 2,500 words depending on the scene. Sometimes I write less than a chapter. Sometimes more. My only hard rule is that my butt is in the chair working when it’s supposed to be and that happens 20 hours a week, every week.

I guess, if we’re talking about the most work I’ve ever done on a story in a day it would probably be about nine hours of writing without anything more than a two-minute coffee break to refill my mug.

Please tell us a little about your book.

Naked Truth is the part of the Saving Liam Series where Liam decides to stop hiding. In the first two books, his life started to settle down and he learned what real love looks like. All that time, he carried the shame of what he’d left behind, terrified people would find out and ended up dealing with some pretty unpleasant things when they did. He’s learned to accept what he sees as his limitations and use them to create a realistic future. Along the way, he’s also developed more confidence in himself and the man who loves him.

The specter of the life he left behind still stalks him and this time he decides to face it. He’s tired of running. He’s tired of lying. He’s tired of the constant fear. It’s time to tell the truth…all of it.

What is your favorite story of all time?

 Wow. That’s a tough one. I guess I would have to say the Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Series. They were originally published in the early 1900’s and followed the adventures of two little kids. The books were passed down through my family and I discovered them when I was five or six. It was my first taste of book addiction! I couldn’t put them down. I read story after story exploring a whole new world and living in the pages for hours.

Do you have any work in progress at the moment?

Always! I’m currently working on book four of the Saving Liam Series.

About the Book

NakedTruth_500x750Title: Naked Truth (Saving Liam, Book 3)

Author: DP Denman

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Buried lies never die.

Liam has a new career, a new condo, a newfound sense of control and none of it is quite right. Shadows drift behind the bright sparkle of his life; things he’s determined to ignore until a shocking revelation makes it impossible. With the help of Justin and a new friend, Liam must face the life he’s buried.

Book 3 of the Saving Liam series.

Author bio

Award winning author DP Denman writes character-driven contemporary romance about gay men. Her stories are real and intense but always resolve in the type of ending that makes readers want to start the book all over again. She is from the Pacific Northwest and bases all of her stories in Vancouver, British Columbia, a city that is dear to her heart.

In her spare time, she is a dedicated LGBTQIA rights activist fighting for those who have been marginalized and abused. To that end, 25% of the royalties from every book go to support LGBTQIA charities.


Buy the book on Amazon.


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