Book Review One Wish

of-stardust-collection-v2_itunes-1024x997Title: One Wish – The Of Stardust Collection

Author: February Grace

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars

Purchase: Amazon

Two books, one unforgettable romance!

Till Nesbitt had no idea what she was getting into when she learned the truth about her future from her Great Aunt Tilda: that she was destined to become a Fairy Godmother, because the skills were written into her DNA.

Faced with a whole new world of rules to navigate and a heart full of confusion, will Till be able to live for her work, or will her partnership with sweet, handsome Gus Duncan lead to her downfall?

This collection features two books: Of Starlight and In Stardust.

Till Nesbitt is working a full-time job as a bookshop keeper and struggles with figuring out what to do with her life. She’s so busy it feels like her life hasn’t even fully began. But then she learned the truth about her future from her Great Aunt Tilda. Turns out the skills to be a Fairy Godmother are written in Till’s DNA, and that’s her new destiny.

But learning to live with the rules of the Fairy Godmother world isn’t all that easy. And like figuring out what it means to be a Fairy Godmother isn’t tough enough, she also has Gus Duncan to deal with, a charming, sweet guy who makes her feel things she’s never felt before. Combining her job, personal life, and being a Fairy Godmother may be the most difficult thing Till’s ever done.

I don’t want to get into too much detail about the plot for the second book, since that could give away some things that happened in the first book.

Till is an adorable character. She has a quirky personality, and is always bubbly and cheery. She’s determined too, and won’t let others knock her down, no matter what. Gus was perfectly charming, an almost too good to be true guy. I loved him, and the dynamics between Gus and Till.

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One Response to Book Review One Wish

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review the books! I am so glad that you enjoyed them. I really do appreciate your time and kind words…thanks again! :~)

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