Book Review Loving is Good

perf5.000x8.000.inddTitle: Loving is Good

Author: Brenda Moguez

Genre: Sweet romance / new adult

Buy: Amazon

Celia Mendoza is not living La Vida Loca. She put her graduate studies on hold after her father died. Now she dishes out advice in her e-zine column, Luna Love, Loving is Good. The problem is, she hasn’t had a second date or a kiss in over a year. Then Gabe Mercer, a modern-day Adonis, shows up, daring her to take a chance. The string of broken hearts in his wake turns Celia off, but his relentless encouragement to pursue her dream of becoming a serious journalist contradicts his reputation, making it hard to fight the pull of his topaz, come-hither eyes. He’s everything Luna Love tells her readers to take a chance on, but Celia can’t decide if a chance encounter is worth the gamble. But life has a will of its own, and hers is pushing Celia to accept the uncertainty and run towards her destiny.

“Loving is Good” is a short novella, at just about 90 pages on Kindle. It tells the story of Celia Mendoza, who struggles with what she wants in life, and what her purpose is in life, after her father passed away. She put her studies on hold, and has come up with her own e-zine column, dishing out advice about love and relationships.

Unfortunately, Celia’s own lovelife is as close as non-existent. But then Gabe Mercer turns up, who leaves a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Celia tries to refuse him, but his charm is overwhelming. He’s everything she’d recommend to others in her column, but she can’t decide if she’s willing to take the risk herself.

This book was enjoyable and entertaining, and Celia is an intriguing protagonist. The writing was great as well.

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