Book Review and Giveaway Spring Blessings

BookCoverImageTitle: Spring Blessings

Author: S.C. Houff

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Buy: Amazon

Asher Stone didn’t want to be a hero. After spending two years recovering from an isolating drug habit, his life was getting on track. He had a girlfriend who he loved very much. He was holding down a job and had a repaired relationship with his mother. One day, Asher was attacked by a manticore that escaped the clutches an order of magi and his world gets turned upside down. Now, Asher is dealing with old temptations and new problems and a destiny that he has to embrace or the fate of the world will crash down on him. The only thing Asher can hope is that Blessings and Hope do spring eternal in this first book in a series.

Spring Blessings is an unique and thrilling job. Ashers life was pretty normal – after recovering from a drug habit, he got his life back on track. But when he’s attacked by a manticore that managed to escape an order of magi, his world is turned upside down and old dangers come luring around the corner.

The world-building was spot on, and made for intriguing world mixing the contemporary urban city with a fantasy world filled with magical creatures – some friendly, most dark and threatening. Asher is a reluctant hero, flawed, and that adds to his credibility.

An inspiring, entertaining urban fantasy novel.


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