Book Review Where The Moths Dance

Where the Moths Dance book coverTitle: Where The Moths Dance

Author: Kristah Price

Genre: YA Paranormal

Buy: Amazon US

Sixteen-year-old Jessie Hale lives in the caretaker’s cottage at the bottom of Gum Tree Hill Cemetery. She feels more comfortable surrounded by the dead than the living, and the graveyard is her sanctuary, a place to escape from her troubled home life and from her mother’s despicable boyfriend, Conrad.

Elliott Rossi has found a way to come back from the dead. He needs to warn Jessie about a demon who can also access the living world and has his new prey firmly in his grasp.

When Jessie learns who has become the demon’s latest victim, she must enlist the help of her friends to battle the evil that has invaded her sanctuary, turning her life upside down and threatening to destroy everything she cares about.

Then there is the small matter of falling in love with a dead boy.

“Where The Moths Dance” is one of my favorite YA reads of this year. Jessie Hale, our main character, is pretty amazing. She has an intriguing personality, feeling more comfortable with the dead than the living, trying to get away from her troubled home life. I could easily relate to her, and to her personality and how she reacted to things.

Elliot has found a way to come back from the dead. He warns Jessie about a demon, and Jessie must call her friends to help to battle the demon.

The writing was great, and I felt at home in Jessie’s world right from the start. The story is enjoyable, and has a fair share of original elements. Recommended to fans of YA paranormal.

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