Book Review At This Stage

coverTitle: At This Stage

Author: K.K. Weil

Genre: Young Adult / New Adult Crossover

The attractive man sleeping on her couch was never like a father to her. That would’ve been much easier…

 Outspoken seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn Fowler loses her mother, gets taken in by a gorgeous family friend, and discovers her mysterious biological father has always known she existed. All within a few months.

 At twenty-three, Jackson Wall lives without a single obligation. That is, until the daughter of his late public relations manager and dear friend is threatened with foster care. Shocking even himself, the rising playwright volunteers to become her guardian. Eloquent and incredibly talented, Kaitlyn comes to mean more to Jackson than he ever imagined. Or wanted.

 Jackson struggles with their friendship as it develops into something much more complex. While Kaitlyn can’t deny her feelings, she knows what will happen if she pushes him too far. As they search for Kaitlyn’s unknown father, she wonders if Jackson will reject her, too, or if she can convince him that something wrong to begin with can become right over time.

I wanted to read “At This Stage” because it talks about a taboo-relationship, of sorts. Jackson is twenty-three, and has no obligation whatsoever, until he takes in the daughter of a late friend of his. The girl, Kaitlyn, is only seventeen years old, and if he doesn’t take her in, she will be send into foster care.

But soon after she moves in, the two of them struggle as they cope with growing feelings toward each other. The book covers a lot more aspects though, like grief, like Kaitlyn looking for her biological father, and Jackson struggling with his feelings over a girl he thinks he can’t be with. It’s much more than just a romance story.

I loved Kaitlyn. She’s an intriguing character, and her dialogue was just great. Jackson was a tougher character to grasp, but I ended up liking him as well. I liked how the book wasn’t afraid to touch upon some aspects some consider taboo – like Kaitlyn and Jackson’s relationship. This is a YA/NA crossover, but I’d consider it more of a NA, if I had to choose.

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