Book Review Hurry Home

hurryfrontTitle: Hurry Home

Author: The Misfits

Genre: Supernatural, Coming of Age, Young Adult, Adventure

Seventeen years after Johnathon Parker murdered her mother, hybrid witch, Emmalyn Evans, gets sick of her father’s overprotective, distant ways, so she runs away in search of adventures with her aunt and uncle. Along the way, she meets charming, handsome, dark warlock, Nik Baker who has a troubled past and harbors dark secrets. Together they embark on an adventure of their own and soon become close. But with Emmalyn’s homicidal grandfather and overprotective father on their tail, and Nik’s many secrets hanging over them, how can they enjoy their great adventure? And will Emmalyn make it back to her father in one piece, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

 An inspiring story about growing up, making a life for one self, making your own choices, despite what your family wants you to do. Emmalyn Evans is a hybrid witch, and she’s sick of her father being overprotective. So she runs away in search of adventure. Along the way she meets Nik, a charming, dark warlock with a troubled past.

The writing was okay, and the story was interesting enough to keep me entertained. There’s an adult scene so it’s probably better suited for the higher age range of young adults.

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