Book Excerpt Sex and Sensibility


Excerpt time today! I’m hosting an excerpt from “Sex and Sensibility”, a romance novel. Enjoy reading.

Book Excerpt

Things are a little different today. Diana is giving me a tour of the semi-detached house she shares with her friend, Hannah. We are starting in the kitchen where we pause as she makes tea for two.

“It’s far too big for us both, but it was so cheap we couldn’t refuse.”

“Well, it’s a nice house, if you like that kind of thing.”

“And you don’t? Anyway it’s owned by my boss, the man you met at the office. It was left to him by a maiden aunt, and he offered it to me at a peppercorn rent.”

“Couldn’t he rent it out at a market price type rent?”

Diana smiles and pours out two cups of tea and adds milk and sugar to mine. She hands me a cup. She tells me her boss could rent it out easily enough in her opinion but doesn’t want to.

“He fancied his chances. He wanted to set me up here so he could visit me when he wanted. When I acted all angry and upset he said he was only joking, and I was welcome to rent the place at the low rent. He just wanted it occupied.”

Diana gives me a knowing look and nods her head. She tells me he panicked when he thought she was going to make a fuss and tried to cover his tracks.

“Dirty old bugger.”

“Yes, I thought about talking to his wife but the thought of renting this place for practically nothing. You know?”

I nod.

“And I couldn’t afford anything like anywhere else. Anyway, come on.” She leads me out of the kitchen and along the passageway to the dining room. We look through all the rooms on the ground floor and then she leads me upstairs. I see the bathroom and then a small bedroom with brightly colored curtains and matching bedspread.

“This is Hannah’s room.”

“Very nice.”

We walk along the landing where she opens a door to a big, well-furnished bedroom with a bed covered with dolls, teddy bears, and pandas. The window looks out onto the street, but it’s a dull, overcast day with rain threatening constantly and frequently succeeding in drenching the road.

“And this is my bedroom.”

“With all your friends at home.”

“Yes,” she says in a cute, little girl voice and picks up a ragged panda and hugs him tightly.

She is wearing a tight fitting black dress and an almost overpoweringly musky perfume that is making me go weak at the knees as she stands up close and personal.

“What shall we do now?” she asks, pouting and speaking in a low, warmly seductive voice.

About Sex and Sensibility

Mature man offering flowers to his wifeTitle: Sex and Sensibility

Author: Derek Ansell

Genre: Romance

Tommy Fraser seems to have it all – a beautiful wife, an exciting past, and a vibrant life still ahead of him. But when suddenly confronted with the diagnosis of a possible life-threatening illness, his concerns are not only for his own mortality but his overwhelming desire to continue as a fully functioning, sexual male.

His soulmate and wife of thirty years, Cathy, is with him all the way, in total support and accompanying him to all hospital visits. Faced with an uncertain future, Tommy finds himself reflecting back on the past and his life before Cathy…a life that saw him with a different woman in almost every town he visited.

Debbie, Mandy, Diana, and all the many others are in the distant past, but are they gone forever? Is Tommy’s past about to catch up with him? And does Cathy know more about the man she loves and his colourful former life than she is letting on?

Author Bio

Derek Ansell was born in London and has lived in Newbury, Berkshire UK for the past forty years. He writes regular features and record/book reviews on music for Jazz Journal magazine along with music and theatre criticism for a Berkshire weekly newspaper. He is married and has three daughters, three grand-daughters and two grandsons.


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