Book Review: Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy

BookCover-TriumphABattlePlanforJoy-JPGTitle: Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy

Author: Gladys Simmons Carson

Genre: Inspirational Memoir

Rating: 9/10

Buy: Amazon

When medical malpractice takes the life of her mother and the offense is dismissed as an unfortunate mistake, it rips a hole in seven-year-old Gladys’ heart and ignites fire in her anger. This act of gross negligence strips her of the joyful delight that has characterized her existence. Before she can grasp the full meaning of her loss, fate takes her on a journey through a series of harsh realities, including devastating child abuse, demeaning segregation and destructive thinking. These unsavory enemies assault her on all fronts, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But the child warrior uses youthful wisdom to triumph over the effects of them all. Her prize is a resurgence of bountiful joy. You may laugh or cry, but you will definitely cheer for the child warrior in TRIUMPH! A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY.

What a great, inspiring book. It’s hard to find a synopsis for “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy”. It’s a memoir, but it’s more than that. It shows how one can be empowered, how one’s true strength shines in the face of devastation. It offers lessons suitable for everyone, and it’s written in clear, concise language, easy to understand for every reader, young and old.

The book also looks very professional. I know, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this book has a great cover, and professional interior formatting, which is always a bonus, especially in non-fiction.

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1 Response to Book Review: Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy

  1. Thank you for reviewing my book. It means a lot to me. I spent four years writing “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy,” putting my passion between the pages while hoping my imperfect story might encourage others not to surrender to undesirable circumstances, but to summon their inner strength to joyfully triumph over them.

    Thanks again, and much success to you.


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