Book Review The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment

amy2_coverTitle: The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment

Author: Bruce Edwards

Genre: YA Contemporary

Rating: 8/10

Buy: Amazon

Congress has lowered the voting age to 14! Not one to refuse political involvement, 16-year-old Amy patriotically joins a campaign to elect the next President of the United States. Her real reason for participating, however, is much more personal: the opposing candidate’s son bullied her when she was a 3rd grader. Thwarting his father’s bid for the presidency would be the perfect way to get even with him!

Campaign reform laws now require presidential contenders to face off on a TV reality show. The “race” for the White House has become just that! Absurd challenges await the candidates as they speed cross-country toward Washington. But the campaign trail turns bumpy, when their buses take an unexpected detour into fantasy world! There they are confronted by half-human creatures, haunted by dead presidents, and rocketed into an economic dystopia of the future—all while being viewed by a worldwide television audience.

Amy is on board for the journey, as her grade school nemesis rides on the competition’s campaign bus. But along the way she develops second thoughts about avenging the boy. Her brutal offender has changed in the last seven years, becoming thoughtful and compassionate. (And cute!) Amy’s contempt for him surprisingly turns to affection. Is she falling in love?

When a bully and his Dad join the campaign for the race to the White House, Amy decides to help out Alan, the candidate for the other team. What follows is a hilarious adventure with thrilling challenges, nail-biting suspense, and a dash of romance. All mixed in with solid writing and an interesting cast of characters.

The book is quite short (216 pages on my reader) so it was over in no time, and I wished there could’ve been more. Amy is a fun, witty character, and the secondary characters are well-developed, and all quite hilarious.

An excellent book for young adults.


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  1. BruceEdwardsBooks . says:

    A special thanks to FOREVER BOOK LOVER for hosting my May, 2014 virtual book tour. Hope to see you again at the release of book #3 of The Age of Amy series this Fall. (

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