Book Review The Ganthoran Gambit

Book IV The Ganthoran Gambit Title: The Ganthoran Gambit

Author: William J. Benning

Genre: Space Opera, Science Fiction

Rating: 8/10

Buy: Amazon

Billy Caudwell, the teenage First Admiral of the Universal Alliance Fleet, has successfully completed the Time Warrior Ritual and stands as Emperor-elect of the Ganthoran Empire.

However, he has little time to savour his triumph. Even as Billy emerges from the Time Warrior Arena, the four remaining Frontier Fleets have mutinied against him under the influence of a mysterious and anonymous shadow Emperor. A sociopathic Frontier Fleet General has occupied the Empire’s capital city, wreaking a terrible vengeance upon his enemies and the civilian population.

With the shattered remains of a Frontier Fleet and a weakened Alliance contingent, Billy Caudwell has to take the biggest gamble of his life. With the fate of an empire at stake, Billy has to risk everything to prevent decades of war and bloodshed.

There’s more combat here than in any other book in the series, and the stakes have never been so high. Billy Caudwell is back, and he’s stronger, more intelligent, and more intriguing than ever.

I felt that for the most part, this series progressed in a good way. All books were significantly better than their previous parts, and The Ganthoran Gambit is by far, the best of all four.

There are still some things which could’ve been better though. The book is still wordy, there’s still a lot of telling instead of showing, but at least it gets better with every book in the series.

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