Book Review and Giveaway Dark Energy

Cover For Dark Energy - CreateSpace_edited-1Title: Dark Energy

Author: John O’Riley

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: 9/10

Purchase: Amazon

Josephine uncovers an important secret about the Valituras, a power-hungry organization that has lived in secret for centuries. They have amassed powerful dark magic and infiltrated all levels of the government. Now that their existence is publicly exposed and Josephine’s discovery leads to the capture of more Valituras agents, they decide to make a big move and declare war against the country. Josephine scrambles to protect herself and her loved ones from this powerful foe.

As she uncovers more clues in her search to expose the hidden identities of the Valituras leaders, her boyfriend grapples with his new talent of white magic which proves to be a potent yet unreliable source of power. Even as Mark’s abilities expand, he struggles to avoid burnout which will lead to a coma and reversion back to mainstream magic. When the U.S. government’s MADA department hires him to attempt restoration of an ancient historical site, American Stone Henge, the Valituras target him for termination.

As Josephine’s psychometry brings her closer to the truth about the Valituras, she fears the answers will come too late.

Josephine is a level six wizard and her life is anything if not complicated. She’s an old person stuck in an immortal body, she’s dating a guy several years younger than her, her best friends have all turned immortal at some point as well, and someone is out to destroy her. Meanwhile, she has to work some cases and solve some crime.

Her boyfriend, Mark, is struggling as well. He practices white magic, a rare and difficult breed of magic. When he is called in to restore something at Stonehenge, he doesn’t understand the significance of the event until later on.

Plus, with the Valituras – an organization of powerhungry wizards performing dark magic – after them, and declaring war against the country, trying to destroy them, Mark, Josephine, and their friends, have tough times ahead of them.

What a story. What a talent for world building. All these original, fresh elements thrown together, from level six wizards to different kinds of magic to the Valituras, is amazing. Even though this is the third book in a series, I had no problems following along.

I’m still amazed by how awesome this book is, and how much I enjoyed it.


You can win an eBook copy of “Dark Energy” by commenting on this post! Awesome, and simple, right? If you want to read this kick-ass awesome book as well, then just leave a comment.

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1 Response to Book Review and Giveaway Dark Energy

  1. John O'Riley says:

    Mira, thank you for hosting my book tour stop today and posting the glowing review!

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