Book Review Talking Walls and Cigarettes

Talking Walls and Cigarettes coverTitle: Talking Walls and Cigarettes (And Other Dark Tales)

Author: Erin Beck and Kelli Beck

Genre: Horror,  Short Story Anthology

Rating: 8/10

Buy: Amazon

Talking Walls and Cigarettes is a collection of seven dark short stories that deals with both real life monsters and those that dwell within us. A bartender still grieving the tragic death of her brother, shunning from her family, and the whispers in the street is visited by a man who appears out of thin air to offer her a way out of her own personal hell in The Salesman. A poor family is cursed by a mysterious old man in the woods and the children are at risk for falling victim to their parent’s unspeakable acts in Porcelain. The title story follows a man as he is tormented by demons in his own mind. In Homecoming, can a young woman find what she’s looking for years after her father’s abduction by other-worldly beings?

Talking Walls and Cigarettes is one of the stories in this anthology of creepy horror stories that will definitely unsettle you for more than one night. I read one story before going to bed for a few nights in a row, and I was definitely creeped out.

Porcelain was my absolute favorite. Kids fall victim to their parent’s horrible act after the parents are cursed by an old man. Talking Walls and Cigarettes was my second favorite story. A man is tormented by voices coming out of the walls of his apartment, and warning him about the existence of demons. Are the demons real, or only in his mind? Read more to find out.

The stories all deal with different themes. The writing style, while not overly poetic, is definitely engaging.

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