Book Excerpt from Finding Fire


I’m hosting an excerpt today from supernatural novel “Finding Fire”. The book sounds like a great read. I’m a bit sad I won’t have time to read it during the tour, but at least I can share an excerpt with you.

Book Excerpt

Come on concentrate Kenna, you can do this! Ok honestly you don’t believe you can do this, but let’s give it a descent try. I can feel the air stir around me a little, but that can easily have just been a draft in the house, and nothing now, I just look like I have to take a dump real bad, this is ridiculous! Why did I decide to do this? Oh right cause I am nuts, ok so one down and three to go. Earth ok, so just put this rock across the room and move it to me. That should work right? Ok, so concentrate, see the rock moving across the room to you, just sliding a little, just a damn nudge! And nothing, again nothing, Kenna you truly are going crazy like Granny, now you are starting to believe you should be able to do this and getting mad when you can’t!

Ok, so maybe this really is nuts! No come on girl you are half way through, you can do this. Alright, now comes fire. Well I guess I can try lighting the fire in the fire place, what can that hurt, concentrate, see the flames coming to life, growing in your mind, and sparking onto the wood. Did I just hear a hiss? No, the wood still isn’t burning; now my mind is playing tricks on me. Whatever, I will just light the fire with the matches like a normal person; it will take the chill out of the house anyway. Then I will see if I can make flames dance.

Ok so now the fire is going, I love how I can just watch the flames, I can get lost in them sometimes. Imagining them really dancing around and growing brighter, trying to escape the confines of the fire place, then jumping back in, wait, did that really just happen or was I imagining it?! Ok, Kenna concentrate on what you are doing, you want the fire to slowly go down, almost out, where it is just glowing, nope still nothing. What am I doing wrong? Wait a minute Kenna do you really believe you can do this? Just watch the fire, it is tired the fire is going to sleep.

OH MY GOD! It did! The fire is just barely glowing, ok liven back up, burn hot and fast. OH MY OH MY, this really is happening. Um, ok so fire element, so does that mean I can play with the flames? Can I have one dance on my hand or something and it not burn me? Or am I about to burn the shit out of myself and have to explain that to everyone tomorrow?

HOLY SHIT, I need to be a lot more careful with what I think, there it is that flame that I have no idea how it got in my hand, but it is in my hand, and it seems to be dancing! I think I’m gonna pass…

About Finding Fire

Finding_Fire_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Title: Finding Fire (Elemental Gifts)

Author: K.R. Robidoux

Genre: Supernatural

Kenna’s life was pretty normal. Single child raise by her grandmother, who loved her job and the quiet small town she grew up in, but as fate would have it that is not the way things would remain. After her Granny died, Kenna discovers who she really is, and what she is truly capable of. She is the fifth child of a very unique family that has the ability to control the four elements. But as she is trying to find the family she didn’t even know she has she also finds the Restorers, a faction of people who want nothing but to eliminate people like Kenna and her family from the world. Now more than ever she must learn to control her gifts, find her family, and protect them from the Restorers.


Author Bio

Author picK.R. was born and raised in Colorado. She is married with four kids, and has always dreamed of putting her stories to paper. Though she has written since she was a child, the elemental gift series is her first published work. A lover of the outdoors her and her family spend as much time as they can in the mountains.


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