Book Review First Admiral

Book 1 First AdmiralTitle: First Admiral

Author: William J. Benning

Genre: Space Opera

Rating: 7/10

Purchase: Clockwork Quills

It’s not easy being an ordinary teenager leading a hazardous and exciting double life.

The Garmaurians, the most advanced species in the universe, wiped themselves out with a bio-weapon in a senseless civil war. And, in a desperate attempt to protect the secret of the potentially dangerous Trion technology – the ability to manipulate the fundamental particle of the universe – their leader sends one last covert mission to Earth. The mission goes horribly wrong, leaving Billy Caudwell; an overweight, acne-scarred 14 year old, with the Mind Profile of a military genius, a huge battle fleet and a mission to unite the intelligent species of the universe in a Universal Alliance.

With people to rescue, space fleets to battle and villains to defeat, Billy has to overcome his own inhibitions, insecurities and a vicious bully before he can start saving the universe.

Welcome, dear readers, to the exciting universe of First Admiral. – Over 3,000 copies sold.

 Billy is an ordinary teenager, kind of nerd-ish, with the typical look that makes others want to bully him. It doesn’t help that he likes a girl who bullies just about anyone.

But then, he gets kidnapped by an alien species, by accident. The soldier who kidnapped him, the last of her race, will give him the memory of one of their own, and the command of all their technology. With it, Billy must form the Universal Alliance, and try to maintain  peace in the universe.

The story itself was great, but it’s never really explained how Billy manages to spend so much time on board of the space ship, and his parents never worry about him. That makes me think he isn’t there for long at all, but even if the ship was impossibly fast, he has whole conversations with others, which take some time. His parents don’t seem very worried. I thought that was odd.

Billy is a tough character to like, because he’s 14, and pretty much acts like it for the first half of the book, but when he gets the memory of a former First Admiral, he starts acting all grown up, and it’s hard to figure out who is the real Billy.

The book started out slowly. We witness a space battle for several chapters (about fifty pages, if not more, if I counted right) and then we jump back in time to Billy in the 1980s. I don’t mind jumping back in time, but after so many pages, it was a bit ‘uhm, okay?’?

Overall, a good read. Not spectacular, but I enjoyed it.

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