Book Review Even Hippies Get The Blues


hippieseBooknewTitle: Even Hippies Get The Blues

Author: Michel Lee King

Official Release Date: February 21, 2014

202 Pages

Humorous Romance/Literary Humor

Target Audience: Adult Women, New Adult

“Sometimes peace can only come through chaos.”

Amy thought she had it all together. Her goals were set and she was working toward them seamlessly while practicing her peace-loving philosophy.

Her world of blissful ignorance crumbles when Travis, a blond paramedic with a body that can stop a truck, waltzes in to open her eyes… Just after Murphy, and his pesky law, paint a target on her back.

How many times can a waitress be interrogated in one day? Just how much orange acrylic paint can get caught in dreads before an interview? How does one retain their composure while dripping paint nude in their living room and staring down a trespassing police officer?

When you’re a hippie girl who wants nothing more than to spend her life creating art, not everyone will accept you. Amy has learned that the hard way in this women’s fiction novel, “Even Hippies Get The Blues”. Between making art, which she loves, she also has to work in a diner, which she hates.

When a customer at the diner nearly dies, thanks to the “quality” of the food and Amy saves her life, the paramedic on the case, Travis, takes to liking her. Travis is everything Amy could’ve wanted – extremely hot, sensitive, caring, brave.

I loved Travis and Amy. They’re very cute together. Amy is a great character because she was very independent, level-headed and intelligent. Travis is…well, he’s great boyfriend material. He had an instant connection to Amy. He seemed overall very genuine.

A great read for a cold winter’s night (I don’t know about you, but it’s freezing here). It has a lot of layers, and it’s more about Amy’s road of self-discovery than about any romantic plot.


Release Day EHGTB GA (469x640)

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1 Response to Book Review Even Hippies Get The Blues

  1. Michel King says:

    We have a winner! Congratulations to Dianne Bylo.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by and entered the giveaway! You guys are awesome!

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