Book Review Blood Vengeance

18259267blog tourTitle: Blood Vengeance

Author: Teresa Keefer

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: 8/10

Buy: Amazon

Abigail Cooper has a gift.  A gift that allows her to ‘see’ things that are only visible to those who understand just how thin the veil between the human world and the spirit world really is.  When Reilly, the teenaged sister in her charge, goes missing Abigail’s gift takes her to the steamy southern city of New Orleans.

Vincent Adcock has a secret.  A centuries old secret that has the potential to destroy him and his small group of colleagues if ever discovered.  Quite content with his wealth and the immortal life he leads in a penthouse high over the city of New Orleans, his very existence is put in danger when Abigail turns up at his door.

Abigail knows what he and his colleagues are.  Vampires who scour the streets of the south for human predators and turn them into prey before they unleash their cruelties on innocent victims.  Her communications with the spirit world have convinced her that Vincent and his group of vigilantes are the only ones that can help her find and rescue her sister from the danger she has been lured to.  What she wasn’t prepared for was her own seduction by the wealthy vampire’s raw sexuality combined with his ingrained southern gentleman ways.

Follow Abigail and Vincent and the band of vigilantes as they enter a world of cults, drugs, prostitution and murder in a race to find and rescue teenaged Reilly before it is too late.  Will they succeed and what sacrifices will be made as time runs out…

Abigail isn’t your ordinary main character. She has visions, can see ghosts, and is looking for a group of vampires to help her find her sister Reilly. When she gets attacked by a human predator and saved by the mysterious vampire Vincent, she knows they’re the only ones who can help her get Reilly back. But of course, things are never as easy as that.

Convincing the vampires to help her is one thing, but fighting against her own growing attraction toward Vincent, is quite the other. With time as their enemy, they have to find Reilly before it’s too late…

My only pet peeve with this book would be the insta-love. I can understand insta-attraction, but you can’t fall in love with someone the moment you meet them. Doesn’t happen, and isn’t all that believable.

Now, apart from that, I really liked this book. The writing style is engaging, the characters are unique in their own way, and they’re very interesting. Abigail is a strong character, but my favorite character had to be Vincent. Sexy, charming, mysterious, wealthy, intelligent, he has it all.

So if you don’t mind insta-love, or don’t mind it that much, you should definitely read this book. It’s surprisingly good!

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