Book Review Harm


Author: Kayti Nika Raet

Genre: YA Dystopian Thriller

After a harrowing escape from Amaryllis City, Niko is forced to lay low. The people who want to use her unique genetics for their own ends are still out there and their reach is long.

After an emotional split with Ben and hiding deep in the slums she soon meets Songhay, a charismatic thief and his younger sister Roosevelt. Together they dodge violent gangs, roaming Slithers and the ever present threat of acid rain. Growing closer Niko along with Songhay soon form a rag-tag band of Slither hunters to keep the slums safe and the monsters at bay.

But then she discovers shocking information about her past that challenges everything she thought to be true about herself and those she loves.

Now she has to decide if she’d going to stay safe in hiding or stand up to the lies and injustice swarming around her.

She was never one to lie low for long.

Lies and truth collide in the second book of the Outsider Chronicles.

In “Harm”, author Kayti Nika Raet gives us the story of an orphan girl and her brother. Niko, or “Harm” as she’s affectionally called by the brother-sister thieving duo who take her in after she ends up in a city far away from home, has been struggling to survive for as long as she can remember. Her world, in a dystopian setting, is overrun by slithers, monster-like creatures who harm everything that stands in their way.

Niko was an interesting character. She’s very dynamic, and easily adapts to changing circumstances. Songhay was awesome too. He’s funny, witty, and very smart. Roosevelt has a great name, and I liked her too. The interactions between the three of them were priceless.

One of the most unique settings I’ve read about in years, decent writing, fun characters – this book is a good mix for everyone who likes suspense, dystopian, young adult and/or fantasy.

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2 Responses to Book Review Harm

  1. knrwrites says:

    Aww, thank you for the review! I’m glad Niko, Songhay, and Roosevelt are getting so much love. 🙂

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