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I’m hosting a guest post today for “The Mortician’s Wife”, a paranormal mystery novel written by Maralee Lowder. She talks about her latest novel in the guest post below. But now I’ll shut up and I’ll let Maralee Lowder do the talking!

Guest Blog Post

I’ve had nine books published over the years, but none of them have ever had the impact on me or my community as The Mortician’s Wife.  My earlier books have been, for the most part, romances – historical, contemporary, mystery, comedy.  More than half of them contained elements of the paranormal.  The Mortician’s Wife has a very tiny element of romance, a bit more paranormal, and a heavy dose of horror.

I wrote it because the story would simply not let me go.  It was inspired by an old building in my town that had been a mortuary in its early years.  When I began writing the story, the building was unoccupied, with the possible exception of one or more ghosts.  The story I wrote is complete fiction, but since the building and my town were both featured in it, when it was published with the cover featuring a photo of the actual house, it made quite a splash around town.

At about the same time I was giving birth to the book, Nancy Brown Warner bought the old mortuary and began refurbishing it with the intent of turning into a bed and breakfast.  By the time The Mortician’s Wife was published, Ms. Warner was about to open her doors for business.  I worried Nancy might be unhappy at how her house was used in the book, but just the opposite was true.  She embraced me as a new friend, and my book as a bonus to her business.  As the book’s sales grew, so did interest in both our town, (Dunsmuir, CA), and in the B&B, The Old Mortuary Inn.  We began to see visitors arrive in our town who had read the book and had to see where all the action had taken place.  When word got out that the Inn was genuinely haunted, Nancy began to receive even more calls for reservations.  It seems, spending the night in a haunted inn is all the rage these days!

I started getting queries about when the next Mortician book would come out, which, to be honest, had never entered my mind.  The thought of writing a sequel to The Mortician’s Wife inspired me to write The Mortician’s Revenge, which should be available at by the time you read this.  And, yes, I am in the process of writing yet another Mortician book, The Mortician’s Legacy.  I’ve been adamantly saying there will be no more Mortician books, but there’s this idea that’s been niggling around in my brain lately…

The Mortician’s Wife

16237607Title: The Mortician’s Wife

Author: Maralee  Lowder

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

Horace Carpenter has it all…a lucrative business as the only mortician in town, a home he can be proud of and a reputation of being one of the most popular men in town.  Maybe he should be content with what he has.  But he wants more.

Ada Hawkins, the daughter of the town’s only physician has lived a sheltered yet, privileged life.  When she meets Horace at her 18th birthday party, the shy, physically plain girl is entranced by his good looks and suave manners.  In six months they are married, and in less than one week Ada suspects she has made the mistake of her life.

And that is where the story might have ended…should have ended.  Ada is to endure years of torment until her husband commits the most unforgivable act possible.  From that day forward she lives for one thing only, not just to end the torment, but to do it in the hateful way possible.

She achieves her goal, only to discover true evil does not die.

Author Bio

PhotoMaralee Lowder saw herself as strictly a writer of romance novels…until she discovered a haunted old mortuary. There was something about the place that simply would not let her go.  Was it really haunted?  Were the stories she’d heard true that when the last mortician’s wife died over fifty years before no one had ever removed her possessions?  That it remained exactly as it had been all those years ago?

As could be expected, her curiosity drove her to seek answers to those questions.  And what she saw when she was given a complete tour of the building, from the rooms on the first floor where the mortician did his work, all the way to the fourth floor apartment at the top of the building, inspired even more questions.

Being a writer of novels, rather than doing research on the actual last mortician’s wife, she chose instead to let her imagination take over, answering the question, why did she choose to stay all alone in the huge building all those years?  Was it haunted? And if it was haunted, who was doing the haunting, and why?

The answers to these questions are answered in Ms. Lowder’s fictional book, The Mortician’s Wife.  As happens so often in a writer’s life, more questions came after she had finished writing The Mortician’s Wife.  Some of the answers to those questions are answered in The Mortician’s Revenge, a sequel to The Mortician’s Wife that will available in October, 2013.

Ms. Lowder is currently busy asking herself more questions.




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