Book Review The Playmaker by Dakota Madison

18652295Title: The Playmaker

Author: Dakota Madison

Genre: Sports Romance, Contemporary, New Adult


Kian Kavanagh, Mr. Fire on Ice, has just been called up to play hockey for the NHL’s new expansion team in Seattle. Finally playing in the NHL is a dream come true…except for one thing. Kian has to leave Northern Arizona and the love of his life, Taylor Thompson, to pursue his dream.

Taylor Thompson thinks she’s got life figured out. She’ll finish her final semester of college then move to Seattle to attend graduate school and be with her man. Until one fateful night when Taylor’s world is complete shattered and everything she’s ever wanted–everything she’s ever hoped for–is called into question.

Will Kian’s love be enough to help put Taylor’s shattered world back together again or will tragedy tear them apart?

After I finished reading “Fire on Ice”, I just had to dive into “The Playmaker”. It definitely wasn’t disappointing!

The story takes off where “Fire on Ice” left off, except that Kian has now been accepted as a major league hockey player. Blake is still out to get Taylor, and she’s still being accompanied to classes by Zelda and Kyle, but Kian isn’t entirely convinced that’ll be enough protection. On top of that, Taylor’s parents still aren’t convinced he’s a good match for their daughter.

When something terrible happens, Kian refuses to leave Taylor’s side, even though she’s convinced that he will. He’s more in love with her than ever before, and willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love.

The author has a clear, simple, to-the-point writing style, and I actually like that. It suits the story. And even when tough subjects are introduced, the author manages to do so in a matter that doesn’t make the reader completely depressive when reading it.

I’m rooting for Taylor and Kian. My only concern would be that Kian keeps on mentioning how he’s not good enough for her. That’s not a healthy thought, and not a healthy way to feel when being in a relationship. I hope he gets over that in the next book.

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