Book Review The Cross of Santiago

The Cross of Santiago-Amazon (1)Title: The Cross of Santiago

Author: Evie Gaughan

Genre: Time Slip / Time Travel

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 “One cross will bind two couples across four centuries”

An ancient love story, locked in the heart of a sunken treasure, is destined to find its happy ending… even if it takes four hundred years to do so.

Amanda Morrison does not believe in love or destiny, but when a long­lost aunt leaves her a mysterious golden cross in her will, her uneventful life in Galway City is turned upside down. The arrival of Xavier, a charismatic yachtsman in search of treasure and adventure, complicates life further, as their paths seem destined to cross. While Amanda tries to uncover the truth about her family’s past, a strange series of events ensues involving hippy hypnosis, five­a­side football, scary sheep, and radical reincarnation. Though, not all in that order.

The Cross of Santiago is a time slip novel in which Amanda Morrison, through a mysterious golden cross, finds out more about her past. Xavier, an enigmatic yachtsman searching for treasure, adventure and freedom, joins her on her quest to find out more about her family, and what ensures is the adventure of a lifetime, with a hint of destiny and love.

Amanda was a complex character. She knew what she wanted, and when she set her mind on something, she went for it completely. I loved the dynamics between Amanda and Xavier. Xavier was the kind of free spirit you only come across every once in a while. He had an enormous sense of adventure, hunted for treasure, and belived our world is a more mysterious place than we give it credit for.

I admired the way the plot was build up. Gradually, we learn more about Amanda’s past and her family’s past, and we’re left guessing for a while. There was a lot of suspense too. After a while, Amanda began to experience time slips to the year 1588. The historic passages were, in my opinion, the best. It’s clear the author knows a lot about the time period, and she managed to change the setting to make the reader really feel like they went back in time.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was a bit on the long side, and I feel like here and there it could’ve been shortened, but apart from that, I have no complaints. The characters and plot were complex and intriguing enough to capture, and hold, my attention.


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