Book Review Adela Arthur and the Creator’s Clock

aaandcc.v1-FinalTitle: Adela Arthur & The Creator’s Clock

Author: Judyann McCole

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 6/10

Purchase: Amazon

To Who Ever This May Concern;

 I wish I could tell you the contents of this book were purely fictional. That I, Adela Arthur, was just a normal sixteen year old from Portland and that dragons, giants, elves and mermaids were just myths.  I wish these were legends shared from crazy old grandparents to crazy old grandparents around campfires. After all, that is what I used to believe.

I never would have thought they lived on the other side of our mirrors in a world called Cielieu. But they do…

I never would have thought there were humans, better known as Volsin that lived among them with the ability to create light from a single thought.  But there are…

I never would have thought I was one of them… But I am…

I am the last Arthur and I was brought to the human world after a Volsin, filled with greed, began to strip the light from our kind.

The human world was supposed to be a safe haven… but he’s found us and the only way to stop him is to go back to Cielieu and begin training as a student in the Elpida Castle of Light.

Like I said I wish the contents of this book were purely fictional and not my life…


There’s been a lot of turmoil in the book community about this book. Apparently the author made fake accounts to promote her book, or at least people believe her to have done so. I’m not involved in any of that, and I’m not a fan of drama. I got this book for review, and I’ll review it, and focus on the book, not the author’s actions.

To say that this book is inspired by Harry Potter is certainly not an exaggeration. There are a lot of similarities. I didn’t mind it all that much. With Amazon recently enabling authors publishing fanfiction, with Cassandra Clare’s bestselling series originally being fanfiction, the lines are starting to get blurry. If that’s a bad thing? Not here to judge.

Adela Arthur is the long lost heir of Cielieu, except that she’s always grown up in the regular world, away from magic and turmoil after an evil sorcerer has taken over. She’s been raised by her grandfather, a quiet and simple life. That is, until she’s attacked by a monster, a class mate of hers gets killed, and she and her best friend Hector are thrown into the adventure of a lifetime.

Adela was an okay character. She acted younger than she was, and at times she was a spoiled brat, and she could whine a lot. But that’s sort of typical teenage behavior (sorry teens!) so I could live with that. More problematic was how she barely solved any problems herself. And how she totally missed that her best friend is head over heels with her.

Plot-wise, it’s pretty simple. Evil sorcerer wants to claim kingdom, wants to kill Adela. Adela must save herself and her friends. Not that original. There were some original bits and pieces, like Jeremy’s memory magic, the students’ “light” (source of their magic) and Narobi or whatever it’s called, a magical sports underwater.

Overall, the book was all right. Reminded me a little too much about Harry Potter, and similarities or not, this made it a bit predictabe. Villain had too little personality, secondary characters as well. But the writing was decent, and overall it was an okay read.

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