Book Review Deltan Skies

v1b_EBOOKTitle: Deltan Skies

Author: Noah Murphy

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Rating: 8/10

Purchase: Amazon

A young elven mage named Quintanelle Fillion flees from her totalitarian homeland to New Delta, a dense metropolis made up of hundreds of mile-high towers. She finds employment working for New Delta’s top private detective, a human named Alfonso Deegan, and his red dragon associate Mordridakon. Quintanelle’s first case thrusts her in the middle of New Delta’s own problems.

After millennia of oppression, members of the disenfranchised avian race have taken complete control of the criminal underworld, but what they want is the one thing they can’t steal. To achieve their goals, the avians’ charismatic leader enlists the help of a goblin shaman cast out from her own suffering people. Together they create a risky and daring plan that involves everyone from the city’s inept mayor and a corrupt city senator, to Quintanelle’s new boss and even her own family.

As their plan unfolds, a dark reality emerges. New Delta stands on the brink of total annihilation, and Quintanelle may be the only one who can stop it.

Quintanelle, a young elven mage, is desperate to find a job in the city of New Delta. She stumbles upon an ad for the job of private investigator, which results in her working for the notorious human Alfonso Deegan, top private investigator of New Delta. Her first case puts her in the middle of enemy territory when she begins to chase down members of a criminal underworld organization led by the avian race.

The avian’s leader has enlisted the help of a goblin shaman, and together they’ve created a plan that threatens not only the life of Quintanelle’s new boss, but also her own life, and that of her family.

I fell in love with the world-building in this book. New Delta is an amazing city, and very well-described. I also liked the descriptions of Teolos, Quintanelle’s homeland. That said, while the world-building was magnificent, the character development could’ve been a bit better. I had the idea that Quintanelle was the only character changing, and the rest all stayed the same. Especially the secondary characters were underdeveloped, or had a too cliché personality.

The story started out slow, which was a bit of a letdown. I’d expected to get kicked in the middle of the action. To be honest, action only starts when Quintanelle goes on her first assignment. But once we’re in the action, it stays until the end. The plot is complicated and well-thought-through, and kept me guessing for the outcome.


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