Book Review The Rising Wind

The Rising Wind Cover final - CopyTitle: The Rising Wind

Author: Ken Floro III

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Rating: 9/10

Purchase: Amazon (PB), Amazon (Kindle), B&N

Have you ever dreamed of being swept into adventure alongside a dashing knight or two? Would you be outraged if you were suddenly thrust into terrifying dangers against your will? What if you found yourself trapped on a cursed island, in the middle of a haunted sea, surrounded by your worst enemies? When a conniving treasure-hunter hijacks the Rising Wind, its passengers will find themselves facing all this and more!

“The same trick didn’t work a third time. When Marc stepped into the ring of firelight and shouted a challenge, his adversaries shrank into the shadows across from him – more cautious now than they had been earlier. Their broad limbs and hulking silhouettes prowled the darkness at the edge of the forest, disguising their numbers. Standing exposed, in the open clearing, Marc felt vulnerable, but he knew he couldn’t run. For an anxious moment, he just stood there, uncertain what to do next. The curse of inexperience was lack of foresight, and Marc hadn’t stopped to calculate an alternative in case his original plan failed. Now he had to think on the spot. Unfortunately the present circumstance was no place for contemplation. So, in that dangerous moment, he acted on instinct.”

I spent the better half of today reading fantasy novel The Rising Wind, and it definitely wasn’t wasted time! Author Ken Floro III introduces his readers to an imaginative, well-crafted world named Avorath. This is epic fantasy at its finest, with awesome, kick-ass characters, an unique storyline and a fast-paced, enjoyable writing style.

Main character Marc is a Steelvarean warrior, and he’s as confident as one would expect from a warrior, boasting of his skills and abilities. There’s also Adrianna, another one of the main characters, who is the captain of the Rising Wind, and who is able to stand her own as well. The protagonists get swept into the adventure of a lifetime when the Rising Wind gets hijacked and they’re forcefully brought to a cursed island in the middle of the haunted sea. The trials that await them are dangerous and life threatening – and they have no idea who they can trust.

I liked the protagonists, even though I found Marc’s ego a bit annoying at first. It gets better when the story progresses though and we see another side of him. The plot itself was fantastic, and there were a lot of twists I didn’t see coming. Excellent writing for fantasy fans.

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