Book Review Trinity by Clare Davidson

website-fc-1400w-187x300Title: Trinity

Author: Clare Davidson

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: 7/10

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Kiana longs to walk through a forest and feel grass between her toes. But she is the living embodiment of a goddess and has enemies who wish to murder her. Her death will curse the whole of Gettryne. Locked away for protection, she dreams of freedom.

Her wish comes true in the worst possible way, when her home and defenders are destroyed.

Along with an inexperienced guard and a hunted outcast, Kiana flees the ravages of battle to search for a solution to the madness that has gripped Gettryne for a thousand years. Pursued by the vicious and unrelenting Wolves, their journey will take them far beyond their limits, to a secret that will shake the world.

Kiana is a young priestess, reincarnation of the Goddess. She’s lived a sheltered and protected life since she was born, but all of that changes rather unexpectedly when the Wolves show up on her doorstep and murder all the people she’s ever loved. Together with a young protector, Kiana manages to escape from the tower where she grew up in. They come across a severely harmed Wolf, who they bring along because Kiana doesn’t want to leave him and have him die. The other Wolves have turned against him, and he’s lost everything he ever believes in.

The trio tries to make it to safety, fighting the other Wolves and fighting disbelief and prejudice along the way as they discover the truth behind their Gods, and behind themselves.

I’m a huge fan of epic fantasy. Trinity provides an interesting, original world where some mortals are reincarnations of Gods, and the world has been seperated by tragedy and war for centuries. Kiana and her friends are right in the middle of it. Love happens in the most unlikely of places, and this only strenghtened the novel.

Kiana was a so-so main character. She cried and whined a lot. I understand she’d cry after seeing everyone she cared about murdered -duh – but around half of the book, she started to cry for nearly everything, and it got a bit annoying. She was also very naive, which fit her history since she was locked up in a tower all her life. I liked the Wolves as villains, they were three-dimensional and there was a purpose behind their villainness.

The world building was great, the writing was all right and well, have you looked at that cover? It’s amazing.

I would recommend Trinity to fans of YA and epic fantasy. It’s an enjoyable, quick read.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and review Trinity šŸ™‚

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