Book Excerpt from A Game of Cat and Mouse


I’m hosting an excerpt from erotic romance A Game of Cat and Mouse today. I enjoyed reading the excerpt and hope you enjoy it as well!

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Caleb, true to his word, led her back home where she quickly slipped into the summer dress she’d left on her small back porch.  Caleb smiled down at her, almost as if amused by her modesty.  His hands lifted to brush across her cheeks, and she closed her eyes to bask in the momentary bliss of Caleb’s hands on her skin.

“Let me take you out tomorrow?”

Miranda opened her eyes in surprise and searched his golden brown eyes for confirmation that she’d heard correctly.  She felt her mouth turn into a smile, and her heart executed a flutter that she was sure could not be healthy.  He wanted to see her again.  Well, of course he does; he is your mate!  A sobering thought that her mouse side thought was apparent.  Caleb wanted her and always would, but only because nature had deemed it so.  Miranda wanted love, had dreamed of love.  But did she want to be loved simply because their bodies decided for them?  Was it truly love if she wanted him with every fiber of her being but did not know the first thing about him?  Wasn’t that just lust?

And there lay the root of her hesitancy.  Miranda was afraid that they would mate and he wouldn’t truly love her.

Her mother told her that finding a true mate was dependent on body chemistry and genetics.  The fact that she was a mouse shifter and Caleb was a cougar shifter was weird, but maybe she held some kind of genetic material that would be beneficial for their future offspring.  Whatever the reason, her body clamored for Caleb.  Despite a chemical attraction that would ultimately tie the two together for life, no matter the species of shifter they may be, it did not guarantee love.  Most true-mated pairs were in love, but love was not required to produce offspring.


Miranda blinked and focused her attention back on Caleb, his golden brown eyes regarding her expectantly.  She nodded slowly, accepting his invitation because, despite her reservations about this mating, she couldn’t deny that she needed him. He smiled before brushing his lips feather light against her own.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night at six o’clock.  Be ready for dinner.”

Miranda sighed as she stepped back and closed the door, resisting the urge to throw herself in his arms.  Beg him to take her.

Now Miranda tossed on the bed, her skin tingling with each movement.  Her pajamas lay in a long forgotten pile on the floor, their constraints too much tactile stimulation for her to handle.  What was happening to her?  Of course, on some level, Miranda knew, but she ignored the idea, relegated it to being impossible.  But no matter how she denied it, the truth remained— Miranda was in heat.

A game of Cat and Mouse

CatAndMouseAReTitle: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Author: Astrid Cielo

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Caleb Anderson took over the job as alpha of his pride upon his parent’s sudden death. Ever since the females of his pride have been relentless in their bid to become his alpha female, but Caleb won’t settle for anything less than his true mate. Escaping for a few moments to relax in his favorite spot may have been the best thing to ever happen to him, especially when his true mate just happens to scurry by. Miranda Sullivan could not be more lost in the woods behind her new house. When cougar shifter Caleb finds her he is determined to claim her. Falling hard and fast for the sexy cougar is the least of a mouse shifters worries. Now Miranda must defend her place as Caleb’s alpha female against a crazy and angry kitty cat! What’s a tiny little mouse to do?

Pinewood Creek Shifters, Book 1

Be Advised: Sexual content not intended for readers less than 18 years of age.

Author Bio

Astrid Cielo is a Mississippi girl who enjoys a variety of things. By night, she is a nurse in her local ER, and by day, she is spilling her imagination out on paper.

Astrid began writing when she was a child her stories featuring a variety of characters (including her imaginary friends). When she was in high school she wrote her first completed story and was published twice in poetry anthologies. Gathering her courage, Astrid self-published her first book, Surrender Serenity, Salin’s Salvation, Book 1 and enjoyed every minute of it.

Now she balances her time between being a nurse (which she loves) and writing down the scenes that play out in her mind. She also plays World of Warcraft (which all of her friends think is weird)!

Astrid would love to hear from you!

You can contact Astrid at:

or visit her at:

Purchase from Amazon or B&N.

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