Book Review ‘Wishful Thinking’

bannerwishfulthinkingI’m hosting a tour stop for Enchanted Book Tours today for their “Wishful Thinking & Not Another Wish” Book Tour. I got the opportunity to read “Wishful Thinking” and review it. Here’s my review!

Wishful ThinkingTitle: Wishful Thinking

Author: S.P. Wilcox

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Purchase: Amazon

Left heart broken by her high school sweetheart Sydney is in no means interested in having a serious relationship. She has just finished her freshman year of college and is headed home, leaving her best friend at school and no hopes for an exciting summer.

Sydney is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime by her longtime friend Heather. Accepting this opportunity could make or break her summer vacation. When a gorgeous young man crosses her path more than one time, Sydney is almost torn to pieces by her immediate attraction to him. Making her choice simple, she will take the offer from her friend and embark on a summer she will never forget.

Sydney is looking for a summer filled with endless amounts of fun. What she doesn’t know is this is the summer that will change her love life forever. See what happens to Sydney in her quest to have a summer filled with no ties.

I love summer romances. You’ve got the heat of summer, emotions rising up, the ocean, bikinis and swim shorts, surfing and so much more. I love it even more when it’s winter and cold outside, so that if the book is good enough and I close my eyes, I can imagine I’m on a beach in summer time.

I got that exact feeling when reading Wishful Thinking. The plot is your typical romance. Sydney has been heartbroken before when her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. When her best friend Heather invites her for a summer of no ties and good old fun, she immediately agrees. But then she meets Grant, and immediately she feels attracted to him.

Heather isn’t too convinced about it though, and she warns Sydney that Grant is no good. He would hurt her the same way she’s been hurt before. But Sydney can’t help it: the more Heather warns her to stay away from Grant, the more she feels drawn to him.

I liked Sydney’s personality. She’s quite laid-back and relaxed, but also gentle and caring, and it’s obvious she’s honest and good-natured. She behaves like a fairly typical teenage girl, which was another bonus. I also liked her friends. We’ve got Kendall, who’s more obsessed about boys than anything else, and who easily ditches Sydney to spend time with a random guy.

On the other hand there’s Heather, who’s more of an honest friend, and who really wants to help Sydney. It’s obvious who I liked more, but I thought both characters were well-developed, and since no two people are the same, I kind of like the friendship dynamic.

The romance was hot, spicy, and everything I hoped for. This book definitely is NOT young adult though. It’s adult. That was quite clear around halfway through the book. 🙂 I thought the romance scenes were well done, and if anything, I wanted more.

I’m looking forward to see how Sydney and Grant, and their relationship, developes in the sequel, Not Another Wish.


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