Blog Tour: Book Review for “Living The Thin Life”

Title: Living The Thin Life
Author: Elle Meyer
Genre: Diet/Weight Maintenance
Publisher: CreateSpace
Rating: 8/10

Living the Thin Life – Creative Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Life was written to help successful dieters maintain their ideal weight. Each person is different, so everyone needs to develop his or her own personalized plan for fitness and weight maintenance. This book explains how to build that personal plan to take into account each individual’s unique eating personality. Tips for staying motivated, shaving off calories, and working exercise into an everyday routine are provided in a light-hearted manner. As an added bonus, over 50 healthy, low calorie recipes are included.

The author, Elle Meyer, successfully lost weight ten years ago and came up with her own methods for keeping the weight off. She decided to write a book to tell her story and share strategies that really work. She interviewed many people who have lost and maintained weight and included their best ideas and suggestions. These tips are from real people, for real people.

In addition to including common sense, effective diet techniques, Elle also describes some habits of her husband “Elvis” (name changed to protect his reputation). These habits provide examples of what not to do when trying to maintain a healthy weight.


I enjoyed this diet/weight maintenance book from start to finish, particularly because the author is very open about what works and what doesn’t. She had some interesting perspectives about food, how one should go on a diet, and how one should keep their goal weight for the rest of their lives. I felt like she had lots of things to teach the reader. She didn’t sound preachy at all either, which is a bonus. In fact, she sounded like she’d researched the topic well and understood what she was talking about, both in scientific terms (how to loose weight and keep it off) and emotional.

There were some images here and there, like from animals, which I found pretty cute. The author gives several types of eaters an animal name befitting them, and then gives specific tips for each category. I liked how she didn’t think everyone was the same, and made distinctions between them.

Overall, a good diet/weight maintenance book with useful tips and a LOT of recipes. I haven’t tried one out yet, but I have a few written down I want to give a try during the holidays.

Read an Excerpt


I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. I don’t work for a weight-loss clinic or a fitness company. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I am just an ordinary, middle-aged woman who has managed to lose the weight I needed to lose and then keep it off. I am living the thin life, and it’s a great life! I don’t feel self-conscious like I used to when I was carrying around those extra pounds. Now I have the confidence to enjoy life as I’ve always wanted to. Over the years, I’ve read just about every diet book and visited every diet website I could find, looking for ways to successfully maintain my ideal weight with a minimum of sacrifice. I’ve experimented with lots of ideas, and discovered that some but not all of them work for me. I’ve learned how to adapt all that information and advice to fit my own individual lifestyle and personality. And I think that’s the secret – to be willing to try out new recipes, exercises, and motivation strategies. Then I discard the ones that don’t work for me and add the ones that do work to my regular routine. Over time, these strategies become habits. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, but rather that I have a lifetime eating plan.

In this book, I will help you identify your own unique motivators to keep you on track, develop a food plan that fits into your lifestyle, and build an exercise program that you can stick with. You will end up with a personalized system that will allow you to stay at a healthy weight for the rest of your life. I have researched tips from many diet experts and looked at the many rules they provide. While I agree that a lot of the tips make sense and will work for most people, I also believe that every person is different and you sometimes need to break the rules and make up your own rules.

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