Blog Tour: Guest Post for “The Chick Flick Project”

I’m glad to host a guest post about why the author of “The Chick Flick Project”, Courtney Elliott, decided to write this book. If you want to know more about the “why” behind this fun romantic comedy, read on!

Why The Chick Flick Project

I don’t ever know when an idea is going to hit me. I can be sitting outside watching ants when I come up with an idea for a great love story. This was not what happened when I started writing The Chick Flick Project.

I was sitting at home and decided to watch the new movie Friends with Benefits, and as I was watching it I remember I kept thinking how that would never work out in real life. There was no way that the whole friends thing would work out like that! So I decided to try and tell a story where a friends with benefits relationship didn’t work the way it does in the movies.

It didn’t take long before that progressed into what would happen if other chick flicks were attempted in real life. I kept thinking of different ones and ways they could possibly end up badly. At first I had a few pages written down, but I wasn’t really happy with the way it was coming along. So, I decided to trash the whole idea.

The turning point was when my mother found the spiral I had written it down in. She read it and quickly passed it along to two of her girlfriends without me knowing. They loved the idea and wanted to know what would happen next. They pushed and prodded until I finally caved and decided to give them an entire first chapter.

When that was complete, they only wanted more. Before long, I began to add more chick flicks to the book and ways to ruin them. The further I dove into the story, the more fun I began to have with it. The characters all began to form right before my eyes and I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen to them just as much as my mother and her friends. I couldn’t help but laugh at their mishaps and root for their victories.

I think out of everything, my favorite part was finding ways to sabotage these chick flicks that I had grown up watching. It wasn’t as easy as I initially thought it would be to try to show how real life would work out versus Hollywood’s version. But in the end, I think The Chick Flick Project is a fun, new take on Hollywood vs. Reality; and sometimes, the greatest love stories aren’t just seen on screen.

The Chick Flick Project

Title: The Chick Flick Project
Author: Courtney Elliott
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Ally Nichols is fed up with constantly putting herself out there to only be rejected again and again. After her most recent failure, she comes up with a solution. She decides to start modeling her love life after all of the big screen’s most recognizable love stories. Hilarity, heartbreak, mishaps and mayhem ensue. She hopes that maybe one of them actually figured out the secret to true love. The only problem: no one ever told her that sometimes your Hollywood Happy Ending is where you least expect to find it.

Author Bio

Courtney Elliott lives in a small town in Texas called Cleburne. She has been writing stories since she was eight years old. She’s an easy person to get along with. She loves making jokes, most of which are self deprecating. She’s not ashamed of who she is therefore not afraid to be herself. She may be young, but does not believe age should be a factor, her writing should speak for itself.


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